Saxy Ellie – Sax


Space – Drums/Guitar/Violin/Effects/Samples/Vocals


Kieron Maguire - Guitar/Synths/Vocals/Bass


Sheridan Maguire – Vocals/Synths


Other Musicians:


Simone Lightfoot - Vocals

Stuart Melvin - Keyboards and Bass

Oliver Lefever - Drums & Bass

Robin Whitnall - Bass

Nick Welsted - Drums

Andy Smedly - Bass

Alicia Maguire - Vocals

Jack Maguire (Gypsy) - Violin







Producers – Space & Vontramps


Layering/Effects - Space


Composition – Sheridan Maguire (BA Hons - Composition/Arranging) & Kieron Maguire


Poetry - Kieron Maguire (BA Hons Film/Philosophy) & Space


Recording/Publishing - Mushroom Cloud


Years: 1998-2002









Based in Bournemouth and formed in 1998. Tracks produced by Vontramps (Layering and Experimental Effects by Space). Compositions by Sheridan Maguire and Kieron Maguire .Psychedelic sampling/layering techniques along with Poetry, and a Fusion of style (Including Rock, Funk, Dance).


From 1998 Performing the local circuit and Jamming at parties / weekly improvisation sessions at Club X. Members also recorded with Purple Heads and went onto form the Sea Monkeys. Recordings, between 1998-2001 (Produced/Published - Mushroom Cloud). Several other musicians on Bass, Drums, Vocals and Keyboards.

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