La Luna E Le Stelle

la luna e le stelle is a prog/ambient band.....who use influences such as -tangerine dream,vangelis,jean-michel-jarre,tomita,the orb,delia derbyshire ....and many others!




la luna started out in 2004, when mike hewetson started jamming with paul owen at slepe farm -(the purbecks- dorset). many sessions were recorded from 2004-2010 at the farm......from 2010 to present- all music is recorded at the croft studio at hengistbury head- bournemouth...we also have many older sessions, mainly recorded at slepe farm 2006-2008 and a couple of live shows on INTERNET ARCHIVES. The sound of the "mellotron" has been highly featured on much of la luna"s material......due to our love for retro-sounds! also mini moog,lots of sound effects, & percussion from paul, we have also used the indian "tampora" in the mix!


The music is a mixture of retro/modern progressive synth music......drawing from bands such as tangerine dream,vangelis,the orb,the enid,jean-michel-jarre,brian eno, and many more................paul owen- yamaha jx (drums/bass), novation x25, vocals,assorted percussion,tampora,bass guitar,effects...........mike hewetson- mini-moog voyager/ moog little phatty,hammond sk-1, access virus TI, nord wave,novation k-station,korg x 5 , korg mono/poly,korg ms 10, roland sho9,roland s-10 (sampler), roland jx 3p,mellotron, lead guitar,vocals, effects.



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